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We are a trusted name in exporting premium fresh fruit, vegetables, seeds, and legumes from the heart of Mexico to the world.

Discover our wide range of produce, known for its exceptional taste and quality.


we pride ourselves on delivering the freshest and finest produce, sourced directly from our trusted growers. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our customers receive products that meet the highest international standards.

Mexican Field

About us


At BASMAC Business, we have a rich history rooted in the bountiful lands of Mexico.

Established with a vision to share the natural goodness of Mexican produce with the world, we’ve been dedicated to exporting top-quality fruits, vegetables, seeds, and legumes.


Our mission is to bring the finest and freshest produce from Mexico to global markets, fostering health and happiness among our customers. We strive to maintain the highest standards of quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.


With a vision to be the preferred supplier of Mexican produce globally, we envision a world where the goodness of our products reaches every corner, enriching lives and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Products and Services

At BASMAC Business, we take immense pride in being the premier Mexican fresh produce exporter, striving to provide exceptional service to our customers.

We offer shipping to North America, Europe, and Asia at a fair price and our team of experts ensures that each order is delivered in perfect condition.

ship and world

Our commitment to quality ensures that we deliver only the finest fruits and vegetables to global markets. We work hard to ensure that our products reach our customers as fresh as possible, as we understand the impact of freshness on the taste and nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. 

From succulent limes, sweet pineapples, and creamy avocados to staple vegetables like carrots and potatoes, we bring you the essence of Mexico on your plate. We’re your trusted supplier of beans, rice, onions, and tomatoes – wholesome and flavorful, just as nature intended.

Experience the richness of Mexican produce with BASMAC Business, your go-to exporter for quality and taste.

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